Healthy Planet Hackathon 2022

Are you based in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Isreal or even Singapore? Doesn’t matter were you are based: We are all on the same planet and this planet is struggling!

Join us to hack for a healthier, more resilient and strong planet. Let’s start small(er) by jointly solving concrete problems from society or industry.

You have not joined a hackathon before?

A hackathon (also known as a hackday, hackfest or codefest) is a sprint-like, very intense co-creation format of 2 to 5 days. Experts from multiple domains work together to jointly hack. In this fast-paced environment innovators that often have not met before brainstorm new solution ideas, validate their approaches and even create MVPs based on new concepts, new software applications or hardware. 

Challenges to tackle…..

In our hackathon we plan to focus on the following broad topics: 

  • Make Cities healthy & resilient
  • Increase access to sustainable energy solutions
  • Build smarter & more eco-friendly buildings
  • Preserve Nature for future generations

How to join!

From November 2 until December 2, we will give you multiple options to participate. To get started please: 

  • Register for one of our info events via Eventbrite
  • Sign up to our Slack Community and become a member of the dedicated channel #healthy-planet-hackathon-community.

Impressions of past hackathons….

CU at the Healthy Planet Hackathon!

PS: if you want to partner up please reach out to our Innovation Manager Noel Pinter via noel.pinter(at)

Healthy Planet Hackathon 2022

Together For a Healthy Planet! Join is at our online Hackathon to jointly solve concrete problems from society or industry. Wanted are data scientists, developers, entrepreneurs, sustainability experts and engaged citizen.

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