Chicago — Home of the Cubs, Navy Pier, 26,000 Healthcare companies & the ’Life Sciences Alley’

Chicago, Boston, Houston, Seattle — in September, together with FTR4H and Data Natives, I travelled the US to connect with young #healthtech companies, investors and editors to discuss new tech developments, exciting challenges and the need for more collaboration.

While many international startups that want to enter the US healthcare market, aim for renown hubs such as Silicon Valley and Boston, Chicago is often overlooked but provides some the strongest business opportunities for digital health and life science. Just a few facts, recently published in the whitepaperState of the Chicago Health Care Industry“ by the Health Care Council of Chicago (HC3), an initiative of Matter and Leavitt Partners.

Healthy Planet Hackathon 2022

Together For a Healthy Planet! Join is at our online Hackathon to jointly solve concrete problems from society or industry. Wanted are data scientists, developers, entrepreneurs, sustainability experts and engaged citizen.

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